Who's behind the Yamaha MT-125 Forum & Blog?

Welcome to the Yamaha MT-125 Forum & Club! I'm Cam, the blog is owned and operated by myself - I'll be talking to you from a video on the right soon! 

I'm a twenty-something guy from Scotland who has been brought up around two-wheels and been riding from the ripe age of around 4 or 5. The site was created once I bought an MT-125 (Black, 2017 plate) and I couldn't find a really reliable source of information for even the most basic of modifications never-mind going through the depths of the beast itself, thus the birth of where we are today! There are a few Yamaha MT-125 forum boards out there but none were really active, I'm here to change that. 

As a plus on the above I also own a side business selling websites and SEO services, pretty much the perfect mix for created these kind of websites and getting them active, expect people to flock soon enough!

I also own an '02 Kawasaki ER-5 as a streetfighter project and an R6 which was my old race bike.  If you have any questions or just want to chat - post on the forum by registering for the site here!  

This site will be used as a Yamaha MT-125 forum, blog and information centre, I'll also be posting content for my ER-5 project and my journey through getting my A2 license, then getting my unrestricted license. I'll probably post a few stories from my racing days and all of that jazz too.

You can read more about the launch of the website here.

Yamaha MT-125 Forum