Yamaha MT-125 Bar End Mirrors Review

Well, I've got just what you've always wanted - two blog posts in two days! Alright, maybe not what you've always wanted but oh well, be grateful! First and fore most, by way of a site update we are now 100% live and ranked on Google, so expect some more activity. Without further ado onto the Yamaha MT-125 Bar End Mirrors review!

WHY? Yamaha mt-125 bar end mirrors review:

As mentioned in my previous (and first) blog post - I'm a bigger lad. 6 foot something and 16 odd stone or something along those lines, that means I'm not exactly stick thin! One of the only downsides I found with buying the MT-125 was that the mirrors were a bit of a nightmare, I couldn't really see by myself properly without lifting my arms or moving my entire body. I had always liked the look of bar end mirrors and thought I'd try a pair, I ended up buying these and they came in at great value of around £7. 


first impressions - yamaha mt-125 bar end mirrors review:

They were a bit fiddly to fit, these were supposed to be a universal fit but at £7 I wasn't going to grumble at doing some jiggling about. The bar end weights once removed leave a very small gap for these to fit in with the fixtures they provide, so I stuck them back in and found the use of some black electrical tape (my bike is black so it looked absolutely fine) to give a bit more diameter to the standard weights. I added a run of Loctite superglue and tightened them up. Once they were on they looked the part and were on there with enough force to withstand me pushing as hard as I could on them without moving (pro-tip - make sure they're in the direction you want the stalks to face or you're shit outta luck). 


2 weeks later - yamaha mt-125 bar end mirrors review:

With 2 weeks or so passing they've still not moved from their original position so they're as secure as secure can be, which is a miracle due to the fitting issues I ran into! I've only ran into a few issues, one being that sometimes they're not practical for filtering/lane splitting. During my commute the roads are pretty wide so it's not that bad for getting through but there is one section on the return leg that's a bit thin and I need to either fold them up or fold them in, not a major inconvenience. The other issue is that when you're manoeuvring the bike while off it i.e parking it in the garage you'll almost always knock one out of place, once you've done it a few times you know exactly where they sit so once again - not a major inconvenience.


Summary - Yamaha mt-125 bar end mirrors review:

In summary, these are a cracking investment for anyone larger! They look absolutely fantastic on the bike and make it look even wider/bigger than it is, they add to the whole naked streetfighter type look of the bike. Take a look below:

Yamaha MT-125 Bar End Mirrors Review

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