Yamaha MT-125 Review – 2017 Model, Black

As this is my first MT-125 review I'll put a little "key" up here so you can understand how this review will be written, It will follow my first impressions, my impressions after using the product (in this case - bike) for a few weeks, and my final pros/cons list.

So to get straight into it, I've had my MT-125 since about the middle of March this year (almost 2 months). I was needing a larger bike as I'm a larger bloke (6ft odds, 16ish~ stone, not a little 'un!), the MT seemed like the choice to go with after attending the MCN Scottish Motorcycle Show and sitting on a number of different bikes to see what felt right. So I called up my local dealership (props to Allan Duffus Motorcycles for great service) and just my luck they had the black one still in stock, the rest - as they say - is history. Without further ado, see the review below:



First Impressions - Yamaha mt-125 review:

For full disclosure on why I bought the bike I'm using the MT-125 to commute back and forward between Fife & Edinburgh 5 times a week (roughly 200 miles), comfort was a big factor for me and boy the MT delivers on that front.

It was everything I expected - that's the easiest way to put it. Due to the bike being a 2017 ABS model it was really the top of the range 125 on the market, it was exactly what you'd expect from £4500 worth of bike! It was comfortable, smooth on all aspects of riding, easy to stick on it's side and it was just a fantastic experience to be completely honest. I couldn't ask for a better bike to start with. 


2 Months Later - YAMAHA MT-125 REVIEW:

So - it's been about 2 months and I'm at about 1000 miles on the bike, I've had a bit more time to use it and I've gotten a feel for the way the bike sounds and feels. Firstly - nothing's really changed from my first impressions, I still enjoy the bike and it's really making the morning commute and the evening return leg a great experience.

There's a lot more power in the bike now it's been run in and I can use the full whack of the little engine, I've had it up at about 76-78mph on a flat road which for a 125 is pretty admirable especially with a chap my size on the back of it. The power really tends to kick in around 6000rpm onwards but in 6th gear it's usually about 7500rpm onwards otherwise you'll feel the engine fading out so it's a bit disappointing, although during rush hour there's no reason to have it around the top end of 70mph.

In terms of fuel economy, I drive like a bit of a pillock sometimes and it's never really below 5000rpm but I still get about 120mpg so I get about a weeks worth of riding out of an £8 tank of fuel, great success! (read: borat).

An issue I came across is that the mirrors were pretty much useless, they were far too close together to be able to accurately let me see what was going on behind me without lifting my arms or shifting to one side. It was quickly rectified with a couple of bar-end mirrors. That's now became a bit of a pain in the arse due to not being able to filter on a lot of the narrower roads without folding them up but they do look great, so we've got that going for us.


Final Pros - YAMAHA MT-125 REVIEW:

The bike is fantastic on fuel, comfort and acceleration (so long as you're at decent RPM). It's great fun and would be as good a weekend bike as it is a commuter. If you're looking to get on the road from a CBT and can afford it I'd really recommend getting the MT, in my opinion it beats all the other CBT legal bikes running around these days.


Final Cons - YAMAHA MT-125 REVIEW:

The downsides of the bike are small but the wind factor is a bit of a pain, because it's so light you really will s*it yourself with the wind at some point. I travel over a large bridge daily and it really does catch you off-guard. The break/clutch levers are pretty terrible and feel clunky in my opinion - I'm used to shorty levers so that could be why, regardless they caught me off-guard a bit. That's it!


Summary - YAMAHA MT-125 REVIEW:

In this MT-125 review I couldn't have been more honest. This is a fantastic bike and anyone looking to get on the road I couldn't recommend it high enough, albeit it's incredibly expensive for a 125 but it's 100% worth every penny.

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